What is Void? (README.txt)

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What is Void? (README.txt)

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The Void is my brainchild that has been in my mind for ages. I would like to create a living Galaxy in which the player is free to do as he or she pleases. Right now, due to lack of game and programming knowledge, I intend to create it as a browser-based game. Eventually, when (if) the fame takes off within the gaming community I hope to be able to create a team that can help me achiever my goals.

Void will consist out of three main games. Arena (Beat em Up), Soil (City Management) and Void (Space Exploring). Each of the games will have an effect on the other in one way or another.

The games will have extended room for player input / fan-fiction. Players can start their own companies. For example, ship manufacturing, space stations, mining companies, etc. The player can provide stories about their character, write short (or even books) about events, planets, and on any subject they desire in our own Void wiki pages. If any image in-game is missing, the player can get creative and design / draw their own interpretations of it and submit it. Of course, all these submissions will be checked and moderated.

My (our) aim is to have a complex universe that is build on stories of the players occupying it.